Wednesday, November 12, 2008

As I said in yesterday's post I nipped down to Bells to pick up my new DH finless and give it a test run.

Hard. Very.

First four waves...or was it 5, flat on my face. Derek says first you've got to get low, then lower, then.... lower. Oh-Kay.

Then I made four on the trot, all the way through at four foot Bells. Light onshore but it was fun shape and not too crowded.

I can't say I spun, but I did the sideways almost backwards thing and still managed to get through.

Then I was munched on another three or so in a row and called it a day..

Op now. Bye.


NiegĂ  said...

The board looks amazing. Any more photos? Is it asymetrical (tail)?


pushingtide said...


Jamie Watson said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

seamouse said...

Jeeeeeeeeeez that board looks insane fun. All the best with the op fella. Hope you're back on your feet (and board) soon.

reverb said...

...Mick, very interesting
but in my oipinion, finless dont work for modern surf in the way that a finnned one (radical way)
except for heaps of 360 s

anyway, Im interested in further reports

-I ll find time and try to read your previous post
may be the text is too small for me


lawless said...

Digging the asymmetrical, purpose-built nature of that board.

kahi said...

That thing looks unreal. Way to step out of the box.