Monday, October 27, 2008

A warm and balmy weekend with a small swell and occasionally tasty sets rolling in at Woolamai, that beach of the triangular banks and limpid skies. At least, that was what it was like on Saturday.

Seems it was the first such period of well shaped sandbanks for a quite bit according to the locals, but our timing was impeccable as they were... everywhere. You couldn't photograph a bad wave... well you could if my lumpen flesh was shambling across it, but the surf gods were smiling as there were waves and banks for everyone.

No lineup too crowded, happy smiling faces and it weren't too bad at all.

Nice change from the rest of the world.

I hope the odd stockbroker was in the water attempting to relax in the face of Financial Armageddon.

Other news... we mastered the soundtrack to Musica Surfica on Thursday, all is at the printers and it'll be on sale in about three weeks...

Links soon for those souls anxious to get a copy... which naturally I hope is everyone who reads this blog times about six million.

If that happened then I'd Buy the Banyaks and put in a super fast web connection to my chosen isle so that I could still do SafetoSea and have the odd gloat.

Since it's unlikely I'll just have to settle with sitting in the boy's old kiddie bath in the backyard while Sue splashes me with warm water and Joey belts me over the head with a piece of coral.



Alan_M said...

Order number one of 6 million being placed right here Mick! Really looking forward to the release.

Jamie Watson said...

Order number two! Me too, looking forward to adding your masterpiece to my collection. When it's available I'll post it on my blog.