Sunday, October 19, 2008

New York still sticking in my head a bit... especially after seeing a film last night that was set there and was current. Just seeing the ambiance of the place had me thinking.

During my wanderings, during the days killing time for the nights, I naturally had the snapper handy and what caught my eye was not the big buildings or the flash. More, the patina of life that stuck to the walls, the ideas plastered about, the fucked up roads and the scale of things.

If ya going to stick something to a wall, or paint it... paint it BIG.

So it made an impression. What can I say?

Today's shots, a few from New York. More to come, rest assured.

Surf shots from yesterday's would you believe abortive session. Zigged when I should have zagged, ending up surfing a crowded, crappy left with a too strong for it's distance from shore offshore, and got out of the water grumpy. As if I need grumpy at my age.

Dad you're just a grump, my kid's say sometimes...

Deep breathing exercises on the way home to arrive with a smile.

Didn't work.


The other shots were a little spot I checked on the way back. No time to get in but it was full of potential, no one out, swell a bit big for it but I would of had fun. I just know.


nursemyra said...


Parallel Universe said...

Kia ora Mick!
Just got back from a long weekend on your turf, with similar feelings buzzing around my noggin; smells, textures, people(s), different sounds and accents.
Not enough time to get down to the coast though, not this time.
It's a fine place. What's it like being a surfer there; can you get out enough to stay sane?
Thanks for your fine writings, always a joy to follow.

Gazelle said...

Great shots, Mick. Yes, many people could have had fun at that spot. Lovely.