Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New York.

I'm not finished with it yet.

My first stop there was the Mollusk Shop.

My opinion, though perhaps coloured by the novelty of the experience, is that it is the Best Little Surf Shop I've ever been in. Beautiful boards, artful clothes, art on the wall, and the books for sale were not just surf rat stuff.

Deep thought meets some pretty hard core surfers.

The guys were smart, interested and welcoming and to top it off there was good art being made upstairs, behind, next door and on the walls. Even the pavement was a delight.


The river smelt a bit manky but the gasometers helped mask the smell, and I'm told they work well as a movie screen.

One day I hope to make it back and health and wealth to the good souls working there.

To Chris and Mike, thanks guys, for both looking after me with boards, the guided tour upstairs and having me over to show our flick.

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bubbie said...

Great to have met you Mick! You really inspired us with your film and words. Thanks for the impromptu studio visit too! I hope I can do the same on your side of the world some day soon. The pics of your home break bellow beg me to ask how anyone could move away from that! "You're living my dream!"
Hope to surf with you soon!