Monday, October 20, 2008


Two posts in two days though today's has nothing to do with my projects save to say it is to do with my two life projects... ie the kids.

My little bloke Tommy (13) is a mad keen blader, of the streety, try and kill himself any way he can kind. I'd love it if he surfed more, but the concrete is his love and great skateboarder that he is he loves the blades even more. Woe betide the poor soul who calls him a fruitbooter though as I'd hate to see the consequences. He may be small and wiry, but boy is he a handful. (That's another story)

So, the other day Tom says "check this Dad" and there he is on Vimeo in a clip for a new movie coming out.. featuring in part... him.

Well I have to say I am a proud old fart.

So here's a link to the clip and the rascal at the beginning, the little one darting about.... that's Tom.

Then there's Joey.

Tom's polar opposite, Joe is our first born gentle giant. At just sixteen he's 6'2" and over 190lbs, which makes him just under a foot taller than Tom and draws, draws, draws. When he's not drawing he's thinking about it, playing basketball, growing muscles or avoiding romantic entanglement.

I poked around to find a something he's done and found this little sketch he did of Linkin Park.

Summers approaching and the school sport program is nearly finished.

Soon they'll be coming for a surf with me too.

Happy days.


tres_arboles said...

Joey's proper-sized for a loose-forward, Mick. Get thee to a Rugby pitch, and quick!

David, Seattle

Eef said...

great kids!


clayfin said...

seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, just one from each side of it!

nm said...

Where are their helmets?!?

Obligatory "mom comment" aside....

Very cool.

Jamie Watson said...

Gosh I'd be so proud too! Both of your sons are so talented. What a nice thing to share.

* TONYA * said...

Tell the boys we are so proud of both of them and miss them.

Jay watched Tom's video and he was soooo impressed and he thought Joey's picture was totally cool.