Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today is the first anniversary of my beginning this folly. My first post (Nov 8, 2006) was a story I wrote and nearly had published about the death of a young Californian while on a boat trip near Nias.

I posted it because I'd have loved his parents to see that his happy last days were remembered and delighted in as well as his passing mourned by visitors to the remote islands where he died.

I got little response back then. Maybe one of my new readers (those precious few) saw something about it, knew him... who knows?

Have another read, those of you who have a moment. Say hello to young Tim.


Patch said...

Mick, I remember that post. Touching.

A year ago I was the first to post on your bloggy. Your loaded with story, looking forward to more.

nm said...

I don't remember the post.....but I've certainly enjoyed the road.