Saturday, November 10, 2007

Over the years I've loved a 'bit of size', but have always fallen into the self description of perhaps stalwart survivor, or maybe 'also ran'. Saying that, I have had some pretty good waves and will tell lies about them in my dotage, may it be a long time coming.

Today, while seeing what goodies the morrow might bring, I stumbled across this thing from a surf photog called Otto on the site. This guy almost deserves a bravery medal for taking the shot.

As for the surfer, the guy has a lot of sack, and perhaps a death wish.

Ah, those were the days.

Going on the last remark it seems my old age has crept up more quickly than I thought.
I'm telling lies already.

PS: 14 Nov: Last night I saw some footage of this ... the guy in the pic made the wave! Unbelievable. It was Shipstern Bluff in Tasmania, just last week)


Patch said...

You can put a friggin' 4 lane highway inside there!

Bill said...

thats some wild stuff