Monday, November 19, 2007

After a small bugger up posting hopefully this will work and no one will have noticed.

The weekend had great promise and the swell delivered, albeit with a flukey wind that really couldn't make up it's mind. In a two hour stretch it blew north, north east, south west, west, north-west and easterly. Wind strength from 2 to 20 knots. Thunderstorms loomed. Lightening in the distance. Rain. Bad jokes in the water. It had the lot.

Amongst it all, Richie and I got a few. I'm trying out a Maurice Cole 6'2" at the moment and I love it on my forehand, unconvinced on the backhand but I'm sure it's me, not the board. It's heavily concaved and accelerates like a thirsty man near a bar, so at times I resembled a spastic seagull as I flew by.

The shots are of the two breaks we surfed yesterday. Flynns, the right, a bit crowded, where I caught a great first wave, then couldn't buy one for and hour and a half. I have the terrible habit of trying to sit furthest out and across in the effort to feel like it's not so busy, which always results in a terribly low wave count, or a few bombs. Yesterday I had a bit of both, but luckily scored a couple of good ones towards the end. Then we jumped in the car and zoomed around to the left on the other side of the bay. It was starting to improve, I still had my wetty on, so jumped in and caught a few before my arms turned to jelly.

Five hours. Not bad for a couple of old farts.


Dr. Robert said...

dear Mick,

the only problem with your postings is that you continue to show such great surf and spots..and surfers.

and propose new ideas about same.

thanks mate.

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Gazelle said...

The sunlight in those pics says springtime - beautiful.

clayfin said...

I don't see how you can put up with all the crappy waves down there!

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