Saturday, November 24, 2007

Musica Surfica Update

In the final weeks of editing now. Last Monday the sound design guys were briefed, another labour of love, and we're heading to Sydney next Wednesday for a showing. Fingers crossed, but I'm getting happier by the day. It pays to have good help and the people helping on this project are amazing.

Yesterday I got a text from Derek Hynd, and later spoke to him. He's sending me footage, which will arrive on Monday, of him surfing 6-8' Jeff
reys Bay on the 3'6" Thing shown in an earlier post, and reprised below. I can't wait to see it.We've also got film coming from Jack McCoy of the sizey Bells we got a couple of weeks back. Luck is smiling on us. Thanks Jack.

Also, up on the Australian Chamber Orchestra blogsite is a slide show of the shoot.There are several shots of the back of my head as I conduct interviews, and one of me and my new mate Tom Carroll. God I'm pathetic.

Update 20.3.08 for those of you coming from Tom Wegener's Newsletter.

The film is finished, and has been seen on Foxtel, premiering on Australia Day. We are working on the DVD with a raft of extras, hoping to finish in about a month. God I hope so. There is a new trailer up here (March 17 entry) and if you keep coming back there'll be another trailer very soon.

Also other news of the films progress can be found as you explore Safe to Sea from late March 07 onwards. It was quite a journey.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks Tom, for thinking of me.

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pushingtide said...

Light at the end of the tunnel! But I'd imagine on this kind a project you deep down inside don't ever want the experience to be over. So cool.