Saturday, August 04, 2007

Relax, no poetry today.

Got a splash at Winki, contest on at Bells, slightly mixed up swell but not bad. The usual friendly(ish) zoo and managed to snag a few but to be honest what game I have wasn't that on today. Very boggy off the top. God I envy those teeny somethings as they lightfootedly slash one after the other for a hundred and fifty metres.

Save that, had a couple of nice chats out the back and went in knackered, four hours out there in mid winter Vicco, so the wetties holding up.

Drove home listening to Shubert, for what it's worth.


Gazelle said...

Four hours! That's a solid session - give yourself a pat on the back.

I've fallen a bit out of practice lately but I found a rigorous yoga practice a few times a week keeps me loose enough where I don't envy the "teeny somethings" so much. The muscles just aren't what they used to be w/o some good extension and deep breathing. Of course, there's always those days where we just aren't on our game...

reverb said..., what s your recipe for training triceps?

my problem is always in the paddling

I training resistance and a bit of explosive force

but if its a good surf day, or large swell, I ve problems with the paddling

may be I need less work and study and more waves...

Patch said...

Mick those waves look nice and meaty and based on the two images the crowd looks very much on the light side. A four hour session with good waves is saying something.

clayfin said...

All I can say is that I'm extremely jealous, cold water or not. And four hours? Animal!