Saturday, August 11, 2007

Don't you just hate it when you don't make the run for some waves because you're tired, it's pissing down rain, cold and gale force winds... or so you thought?

Day before yesterday I took some friends from Sydney down, waves attached, but it was hard yards because of the 35 knot offshore. We got a few but it was difficult to get into them.

Today... I just couldn't be stuffed, then I check the cams and the wind's slacked off... but the crowd would have tripled.

Time for a nice hot coffee.


Gaz said...

It's 3' and warm here........ wouldn't mind a bit of that tho' Mick!

seamouse said...

its 3" and warm here.... I'm desperate for a bit of that!!

Been flat for nearly 2 weeks now and I'm getting restless.

warm jet said...

oooh that's a crowd.
I feel ya.
summer here and the livin' is not easy.
Now the offshores are amazing!!
Here we get these "Santa Ana" winds mostly in the winter and usually come along with a decent swell.
They BLOW hard, gust and are super dry.(coming from the desert)
Most people can't handle the force but I'm like a child when they happen!
Bring out the heavy mid-length egg to fight the wind and pull in!!!
Love it!
Thanks for the reminder.

clayfin said...

that top shot, with the angry clouds - gnarly!