Friday, August 17, 2007

Today a diversion.

You've heard me mention my lunatic son Tom (12) and his frequent visits to emergency.

This is why.

(An amendment as of 1:25 Saturday)

Just had a 'conversation' with Tom.

"Dad I wish you hadn't put that on you blog... it makes me look like a try hard... so I took it off."

Not happy. I tried to explain it wasn't about him being a try hard, because apart from a certain amount of parental pride, it was for me more about sharing something we all have to face as parents... the degree to which you need to let them find their challenges, and meet them, knowing you're there to metaphorically catch them when they fall.

And we've since had a loooong conversation about helmets. We now have an understanding... I hope.


nmm said...

Christ! ....cover your eyes mom/dad.

Gazelle said...

I second that!

Slim said...

Oi Mick, get your boy a skateboard! What's this fruit bootin' stuff!? Ha, ha, ha.

Sharkbait said...


Gaz said...

What happened? Gaz no-see-um!

seamouse said...

Your boy's got a pair for sure!

Gaz said...

A helmet, laddy a helmet! Please! Good riding tho'.