Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another average week of surf down here and a short surf with my son Joey on Sunday.

Two and three quarter hours driving for an hour and a half in the water. God I'm keen.

For the first time in ages I rode the longboard, just to up my wave count... in the dribble... in the short time available, ....and took my little happy snapper out, stuffed down the front of my wettie to amuse myself out the back.

I even attempted to film a little mpeg of a ride by holding the camera in my teeth, catching the wave, grabbing the camera, pushing the start button, then pointing said camera in the general direction of the ride.

Laughable result,.. Brian Conley I'm not.

So I pointed it at Joey..

"Dad, what the hell are you doing... you're such an idiot"...

..then the near flat horizon.

We must amuse ourselves in our twilight years.

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warm jet said...

Not a Greenough myself but I've had some good fun doing the quicktime shuffle, mostly in silly surf.
I've got a mount for the lil point and shoot also.
Check out the maiden voyage.
Now I just gotta get the discipline to take her out in the goods!
Certainly an uncrowded point break would be nice.
I'm waiting for Brian to take on that Barra point with some ridiculous toob time!