Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The creative process has always intrigued me, not least in the way an idea can pop in to my head, and won't go 'till it's seen through to it's natural end.

I'm blessed with two boys who never cease to both amaze and exasperate, in no particular order.

Flashes of brilliance followed by acute cases of pain-in-the-arsitis make for a lively home life and a lot of fun most of the time.

My youngest, Tom, is all stuff and bluster, daring and derring do. So far this month he's been in emergency 4 times.. two broken fingers, pushed back teeth, hip x-rays, on and on.. and this kid is very well co-ordinated, he just doesn't know when to stop. In his 12 years he's had three broken arms, a mildly broken back, dozens of stitches, ribs cracked, you name it, he's inflicted it on himself.

My older, more thoughtful one, Joey, is safe at the moment, as all he does is grow, sleep, grow some more, snooze a bit, grow some more and eat, with occasional rest stops to draw, go surfing with Dad, play some basketball or chase girls.

Through it all is this wonderful life, that bursts from every pore of both of them.

This, then, popped into my head yesterday.

You parents will understand.


measure your days my sons.
take a moment to breathe
and look to the side
of the advancing moment

before gripping it
with all your young might
and making it yours
to crystallise

in ways we never
dreamed could be,
but always hoped strong
would become

the lives that danced
before us all afire
with delight and dark
eyed smiles.

measure your days my sons
take a moment to breathe
before you burn blazing
across all our skies


Patch said...

Mick, excellent.

One of the best things that has ever happened to me was becoming a dad.

Thanks mate.

clayfin said...

Damn, a writer and a visual artist. As mine are 4 1/2 and 3, I struggle with the "work" part and try to focus on the joy. It gets better though the more they age and I'm really looking forward to the future shared activities while trying to live in the moment during this stage.

seamouse said...

Must be the age. My dad has suddenly just found poems coming to him. I hope they're as good as yours.

I was made in his likeness and for that I'll always be greatful.

Gazelle said...

Life. Art. Surfing.


Doc said...

My experience runs the other way...

My older boy at 14 is the careful one...not too adventurous...not into sport and, sadly for me, disinterested in surfing...I don't push's hard to get stoked in freeking cold water with storm surf and fish that want to eat you...

My daughter, on the other hand, sounds like your oldest...3 broken arms...skateboarding, soccer, and just going for it...lots of other minor injuries...plays soccer, volleyball, run track, acts in plays, sings in choir and on and on...she wants to surf but the opportunities seem few and far between...

We just got back from camping in central Oregon and soaking in hot springs, jumping into rivers, hiking to son wasn't to into it (some him, some just being 14) daughter just ate it up...

You never can tell who you'll get or where they'll go...but the trip is an interesting one

mummified said...


Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I think you should go in Poetry Idol - being held this month at St Kilda library as part of the Melbourne Writer's Festival.

Sharkbait said...

Four times! In one MONTH!?!?

Great post btw!

Anonymous said...