Sunday, July 01, 2007

Some of you who read SafetoSea will probably visit Six Foot n' Perfect and Pet Cobra.

A couple of months back they both offered up to the web the chance to do some logos for them.

I threw my hat into the ring with a couple of ideas and, happily, they both liked my offerings. You can see the logos on PetCobra at right.

My reward?

To see a couple of happy chappies on the other side of the big water, and from Clayfin (Ted) at Six Foot, a clay fin.

The other day it finally arrived.

Today it went to Bells with me.

Unfortunately it was tiny, we rode the beachies, but I had to snap this for Ted.

Thanks mate.


Surfsister said...

I've got three fins that Ted made me. I said I was going to take them to work (so my cubicle wouldn't look so damn cubicle-like). But I love them too much for that. They now live in our house in prominent places.

clayfin said...

My fin, at Bell's, the famous last surf session for Bhodi - I can barely type!

Cool pic, that looks like a great place to surf.

Gazelle said...

A very inviting little piece of coastline - reminds me of Central California.

seamouse said...

Ah yes young mariners. Lets all go back to the barter system where every transaction is stoke filled.

nice logos mick, good fin too!