Saturday, July 21, 2007

A couple of posts ago I displayed a drawing I did.

A few asked if I had any more 'pieces' to show and it caused me to reflect that I had not much to show at all really.

As an art director, I draw, of a sort, every day.

It's usually a quick scribble to flesh out an idea, or the precis of a storyboard to brief...wait for it, a storyboard artist. I can do them myself, of course, but time is of the essence and often you have other fish to fry.
Secretly though, behind every art director is a frustrated artist of one sort or another and I'll put my hand up for that one too.

I've always enjoyed the making of marks on paper, and 'back when I had time', that is, before kids, I went to life classes to keep my eye in and just to do it, too.

Losing oneself in the drawing moment is like riding a wave... in a way.

The good ones flow, you become one with the act, and whatever the result, in the doing there is a great peace.

Remembering I had a bunch of old drawings in the shed, I dug them up in the hope of finding a lost gem or two.

Some of it was dross, but there were a few moments worth sharing, just.


Patch said...

Thanks for sharing Mick. You have a knack for figurative drawing. Please keep going!

Beach Bum said...

I like the first one best. Not sure why though. Touch of the Degas Mick. Keep well.

clayfin said...

Patch is right, you have a knack for the figure. Keep em' coming!

Chum said...

Just getting caught up on your blog, Mick. Nice stuff! Do you have a Wacom tablet to draw on your computer? I find it an easy way to sketch without committing to a full session with paints, charcoal, inks, etc...