Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yesterday I had an epiphany of sorts.

In the bottom right hand corner of this page is a button to Shiny Stat, a hit counter that I check every couple of days, more out of habit than anything, just to see who's popped by.

One section in there tells me the referrers, sites that have a click through to me, the one place where specific addresses come up. Checking it yesterday I saw three references from a blog called Your Surf Blog Sucks.

Of course I clicked through and saw that indeed, my blog did suck. I wrote in Australian, which made it at times hard to understand. Lame photos. So so writing, and, indeed, I am an angry man who most likely will reply to said critique with some aggression or whatever.

Not so.

Though my first reaction was I was gutted, because this blog is a personal thing. On reflection, though, the angry guy at the other end has done me a favour.

I thought back to my motives for beginning it, and why I do it now.

The first post I ever did was as an attempt to connect with the family of a young Cali surfer who died on Nias around 6 years ago. Nothing came of that post, but it began a journey that has seen me connect personally with people around the world.

When I made Musica Surfica, and had the opportunity to travel, these connections became flesh and blood, people who would become real friends, and who I know, notwithstanding the geographical separation, would be people I'd happily share lineups, laughs and meals with for years to come.

Continuing the blog, and dipping in and out of many of that group at left, and others since discovered, keeps that connection going. I see Ras's face when I read Kuyah, Teddo at Six Foot and Perfect I've watched develop as an artist and shaper, and admired his grace when 5 minutes after meeting him, he put up with me retiring to the hotel bathroom and blowing out a retaining wall, such was the state of my travel raddled guts.

Surfsister, well I literally ran into her and dinged Novice Surfer's new fish.

In New York, Shipworm and Gribble became Mike, and Endless Bummer became Toddy.

A beautiful lady named Pineapple Luv interviewed me.

A surfing lawyer in England wrote a bestseller and sent me The Book.

And I had a surf with a one time Buddhist monk who wrote one too.

My Dear Old Dad reads it, and I love it that he does.

The blog became about connection.

We share our surfing world, and our world as fathers, mothers, lovers, friends.

The dig about the writing, well... perhaps I get lazy at times, and just belt it out. When I've become inspired I'll share a poem, or an insight. Whether the writing is good or not, that's up to the reader. I've tried to not be self conscious about it, I try to keep it simple. I'm not writing to show off.

This is me.

The photography. Sometimes the shots are a quick snap of a lineup. At other times, I'll make an effort. You can tell the difference. The one thing you will notice is that if you hunt through the months and years of this blog, and consider I am a one surf a week city surfer in a city with its nearest waves eighty minutes away, I am a very lucky man. We live in a wonderful part of the world.

That I hope to live closer soon is without doubt, but family and work demand me here now.

Today's pic then, is me, just turned 56, as taken by my son Joey. I'd turned around while cleaning the shed, he caught me unawares, and I do look serious.

Behind me on the wall are a couple of boards. Sandwiched in between two thrusters is a finless made for me by Derek Hynd. In the rear left is a sculpture I made that is dedicated in the most oblique way to my wife Sue. Next to that and out of sight is a portrait I'm trying to finish of Joey. Out of sight on the other side.. skateboard decks, too small wetsuits, fins and skim boards, detritus of growing boys.

A happy place, fronted by an apparently angry man.

Perhaps so. Dealing with a mid teen in full flight has got me by the nuts, and it has occasionally crept into my writing. It gets it off my chest, people write in and say, yep, I have one of them too, or yikes, mine are about to get there.

I made a surf movie and lost the house. Blame the GFC, or wonderful timing. Again, get it out, communicate. Don't go mad.

So cheers to Your Surf Blog Sucks. You've done me a favour. I'll try to pick up my game, and while my blog may suck, I love it just the same.

And I will continue to write in Australian. Oddly enough, I am one.


Shooter said...

Great Blog mate,

I follow it because its interesting. Keep going with it as its a great space.


Anonymous said...

Yea don't be stopping anytime soon.

Ramsnake said...

Mate, your blog is one of my favourites so keep up the great work!

fstopr said...

Hey mate,

It is all too easy to throw peanuts from the gallery like our friend YSBS, but you are with no doubtb right up there on stage doing what you do and doing what you love.

Blogs are about all about connections be that many or few.

Keep on keeping on.



ras said...

hey Mick. I was lucky to get a "this blog does not suck" vote from the masked critic -mostly because he liked me use of foul language. perhaps he didn't notice my surf blog is from Canada -that would seem to go against his tastes.

as for your blog -it has always been one my favourites for one main reason. it is authentic. your tone, your words, your photos, your humour, all come across us un-fabricated, without any posturing.

YSBS is an interesting exercise. whoever has taken it upon themselves to tear down other peoples work must indeed be an angry person and a coward too for not self identifying.

56! fuck I hope I am charging as hard as you are when I'm 56.

Foulweather... said...

Keep up it up Mick. Aussie slang and all. Fuck the critics.

Surfsister said...

That guy thinks my blog sucks too. Whatever. Doesn't he have something more interesting to say? And did you notice that he said his own blog sucks as well? LOL!

Your blog certainly doesn't suck, Mick.

6ftnperfect said...

if that guy knew what he was talking about, mine would have been first on the list 5 years ago!

David said...

It is good to re-evaluate why and what your blogging for some times. It puts things back into perspective and makes you appreciate and re-focus things a bit.

Nathan Oldfield said...

True blue post cobber. Bugger the YSBS bludger! Keep up the good work Mick. I'm interested in its meanderings. Cheers mate, N.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't that anonymous wanker got better things to do that roam the web looking for stuff to criticise?

56? you're looking HOT baby! Lucky Sue!

yoursurfblogsucks said...


your photos still suck

obviously you can write

yoursurfblogsucks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Niegà said...

Your blog indeed does not suck. On the other hand your surfing... :-D

Oh well, i just will I'll still be riding a shortboard by the time I'm 56!



Patch said...

Happy belated bday mate!

norv2001 said...

Hey Micko!
Who gives a flying f*** if one person out of five billion says your blog sucks? Coz it doesn't!
PS ur a grizzly ole codger ;)

Anonymous said...

That black and white picture made me think of Dennis Hopper.

Toddy said...

Looks like that blog is out of commission?
I bet me blog sucks big time.
No doubt, actually.
Then again, that's what it's there for.
To suck.

I'm in on this blog.

Love it.

ShipwormAndGribble said...

I feel like the only way one can create something inspiring is to hang oneself out there..which you do and which I truly respect! Keep fucking up and making beautiful things in the process! Franz Kline once said, "In order to be great one must have the capacity to be embarrassed."
Thanks for all of your thoughtful posts and giving us New yorkers a peak into your wonderful part of the world! - Chris