Monday, March 15, 2010

Damned if I didn't say no more surf reports, but dang if it wasn't fun yesterday.

A perfect little A frame, the left reeeeeeling off and some of the best small waves I've had since the last time I hit this little bay.

The shots are a couple I snapped prior to paddle out, and one of me snapped by Richie. He ran out of memory, missing the 360, the air and the giant hack, so you have to make do with a rather sedate cutty where I seem to be inspecting my toenails instead of regarding the section I intended to hit brutally.


I blame the straight ahead head on a neck so stiff from an old injury that looking at anything above my head is not, shall we see, comfy. Stargazing is best done flat on my back.

It was a lot of fun, though, and did a lot for my state of mind.

I'll add to this post tomorrow but times a snapping at my heels and I wanted to get this up.


David said...

Solid effort for an "old" man :D

Looks fun!

Ramsnake said...

So reminds of a popular wave on the south coast over here in the west!