Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The black dog is not beaten, and today he took the form of a fifteen year old on the rampage.

Driving to school ended up with with a shouting match, a slammed door and my hand around his scrawny neck... not necessarily in that order.

That I love the little rat dearly and that he pulls more strings than Pinocchio ever had only makes the whole pathetic mess even worse.
I won't even say what got was blurted out as the car door slammed. Not a good start to the day.

Which is a bummer really as yesterday I scored the best splash in ages.

Not perfect by any means, but some punch and no crowds was certainly a good start to the week.
Location remains a secret but those who know will most likely spot the spot. A couple of belters including a massive double up that allowed a couple of what felt like hall of fame off the tops before the cocky old fart got well and truly slapped on lip hit number three.

What can I expect at 56? (Birthday last week)

Still the 6'2" flew and given it was my first real surf in weeks I was pretty happy.


fstopr said...

Hey Mick , Sounds like quite a session! 56 on a 6'2"? You are way ahead of me there in the best possible way! Happy belated birthday too.


ras said...

happy birthday Mick. shit I can only that I'm charging like you and in a few years - my 5 month old is a fairly mellow boy but I reckon that'll eventually change.

Ramsnake said...

Good to hear from you again and that you scored a wave or two! 15 year old boys? - little buggars! It will pass and hopefully not too much damage done as a consequence.

NiegĂ  said...

Happy (belated) birthday ol' bugger.
On a 6'2'' already?!?
At this rate you'll be surfing a mal before you turn 60!!



Max Parker Bakos said...

Right Point?

Hope you had a good birthday, ya crusty ol' sea dog.


Surfsister said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you, Mick! (I think your you know what will be up on the site soon. I'll let you know when it's up.)