Monday, October 05, 2009

Yesterday I had the pleasure of showing Saltwater Buddha author Jaimal Yogis a little of our coast as we headed for a splash at one of my favourite spots.

The waves behaved, he caught a stack of them and it seemed to be a highlight surf for him. I surfed crap and he probably thinks I'm a gumby, but it was sunny, uncrowded and if I can't provide the comedy life ain't worth living.

The great thing was I think he leaves Australia thinking it's not half bad.

The shots. One I snapped just before the paddle out shows Jaimal in a very yogic pose, in reality just a timing issue as he stretched but I had to laugh when I actually looked at it. The other, the peak opposite the better one we actually surfed. It did go cross shore not long into it but who's to complain?

I must also here add an apology to my youngest brother Pat.

Last week before the Big Game, he organised a shout out to me from Afghanistan, where he is posted with the Australian Army. I chose not to mention it in the last game related blog post as I didn't want to draw attention to his whereabouts but it seems I should have, judging from the comment he left.

So Pat, thanks mate. Maybe you pulled the Cats over the line, much to Maurice's disappointment. I was pretty stoked though.

To see Pat's shout out, along with a few other Australian soldiers and one rather attractive American service 'man', click here.


pushingtide said...

If anyones a gumby, it ain't you Safe.

reverb said...

...hello Mick
well, you always have good story to talk

anyway, fine surf in previous post
is that Celeste (sky blue) board the same that appear in this one?

the shape looks very interesting
can you post some pictures in different angles?
also, some description the way it surf in the bigger surf?
I normally ride small boards (5 10s but with chest bulk and near flat deck)
no matter if the surf is big (in points) like the other post
but Im smaller than bigger

yeah, I know that from time to time I ask you about boards
but you know, your local is a world quality wave! and Im shaper
so I can t help myself
ha ha


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the AFL acknowledgement