Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In one of my last posts I moaned that every shot I ever see of me seems to be a bottom turn. Imagine my joy then when a couple of snaps from Steve Ryan turn up with me in the top third of the wave. Alas no hell snap or alley oop inverted whatever, but at least the view is different.

So when you do scroll down, you'll see me taking off!!!! ..... and... trimming!!!!!!!!

God I'm good.

The other shot, at the bottom, follows on from my last post about Maurice Cole. It's snapped on a phone by 'anonymous' and it is 'somewhere' near Melbourne.

It's quite large.

When you see the webisode I'm doing for him you'll see bigger (in moving pictures) if only I could get some edit suite time.

As for the rest of life, Beelzebub has transmuted into that demon thingo Hellboy fought in his last movie, though this picture is in his nice, pupal stage.

Spare me fourteen year olds.

The lunatic has bought himself a fixie (fix wheel track bike) and in 7 days has worn out the back tire, gone over the handlebars and told me I know nothing about anything because everyone wears out their back tires. The road in front of our house resembles the starting grid at a dragstrip.

And I'm an idiot.

I do love him though.


nm said...

beauty shots, Mick! ....and good looking boys you have.

tres_arboles said...

"Skidding" a fixie is one of the very few ways to get those bitches to stop. The key is to understand gear-inch ratios (there are spreadsheets of such all over the internet) so as to choose the right combination of the # of teeth on the cog and crank. With the right combo, one can avoid always skidding on the same two or three spots (which leads to the rapid destruction of rear tires of course).

Best wishes.


nursemyra said...

oh those liquid eyes.....