Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What news do you report when there's no news to report?

Well, actually, there have been some developments, none reportable yet, and none of them, unfortunately, in my bank account.

Buy Musica Surfica!!

The surf had been crapparoony (I assume there are two p's, and the L is silent as in river) so a very abbreviated splash with Richie on Sunday saw minute and very busy Rincon Bells.

A few waves were caught by me, none with much panache, though I did have a nice chat with an English marine biologist out surfing a Fourth Gear Flyer mat, which is an unusual sight in these here parts. Very nice chap but he did not have a clue about the drop in rule. Every bloody wave in front of someone. Still, not to worry. It was not worth getting at all bothered by.

My youngest, Satan..er I mean Tom, has found himself in more hot water. This time at school with a major indiscretion involving gun running or some such.

I do exaggerate, of course, but another hoop to jump through for us, and him, as we lurch through the teens.

So yesterday we went for a bike ride after dinner, along the bay and up to a hill overlooking the sea. With Melbourne in the distance, I snapped a pic of the lad with my iPhone, techno head that I am, and later applied a filter via CameraBag (neato software that gives Helga and Lomo camera style results, great fun for happy accidents...) Anyway, below is Tommy and his new bike.

On looking at it I saw something familiar. I dived into the archive and found a 1975 shot of me at art school, 21 years old, a year before I had my face rearranged in a car smash that meant I never quite had my nose or right eye pointing in the quite same directions again. Tom will always be a tad lighter than old fatboy, but we do look alike.

Lovely boy for a devil.

The other shot is the drivel of Bells, filtered to look pretty.

And speaking of pretty, what do you reckon about the first generation Beachcomber Bill thongs, and the genuine Australian Army surplus pants cut down to shorts, preempting cargo's by thirty years? I can't remember what brand the T-shirt was but it did have a pocket. Also note the St Bede's College school bag that I continued to use for several years after I left.


nursemyra said...

Ooooh... how cute are you!

Anonymous said...

From Brother Pat....T-Shirt brand...my bet is Golden Breed..it looks familiar

Little Bro said...

or possibly Hang Ten as a close second