Monday, June 15, 2009

Yikes it's getting chilly down here.

Inconsistent waves at Magics meant sitting for ages between sets, cooling my heels and gazing at the horizon.

It was cold comfort though, in the nicest possible way, as Rich and I pretty much had the bank to ourselves for nigh on three hours, so with him on the lefts and me the rights, we shivered and occasionally waved at each other while enjoying pretty damn good little waves. A bit gutless, but who's complaining?

Pics for today, the right hander shot as I left the water during an atypical flurry of crosswind. it had been glassy for most of the time.

Additionally a couple more of my T experiments, these two lurching far into the Land of Odd, with a tribute to 20's Dada gone surfing, with a dash of Tom Slick*, and an inscrutable old sea dog.

After the last two apparently went down like a cup of cold sick, I'm taking brave pills putting these up.

*Fifties/sixties TV cartoon Tom Slick has a scene where Tom, Hero that he is, is being mobbed by reporters.

Tom, Tom, have you got something to say to your millions of fans!

Tom looks into the camera...


(Yes.... I've been told I'm obscure before.)


ras said...

hey Mick. this may sound like an ad. but anyway -I've surfing a West suit this season (Aussie company right?) their hi-end suits are amazingly warm and very stretchy. I think they are limestone based. a 4/3 should do yuo fine.

as for the art I rather like the three stages of stoke. and of the previous offer the fin smile is great.

Ramsnake said...

Nice looking little wave and even more so to have had it for yourselves

Chum said...

I love the art, man. Especially the second one. Classic! I want it.

Anonymous said...

"a cup of cold sick"?


Beach Bum said...

Yes, I like the sea dog tryptch too.