Monday, June 22, 2009

A very mixed and eventful few days in a low high key sort of way.

My youngest brother headed of to 6 months in a foreign war zone which will keep us all on the edge of our seats for quite a while. His parting comment was if you hear on the news of death or kidnapping it's not him as we would have been told first. Thanks mate. Really comforting.

The Dark Prince aka Tommy got into more hot water than a bucket of fresh prawns on a summer Sunday and I picked the wrong peak.

Clearly picking the wrong peak is the least of my worries, but when you look at the line up yesterday, you'd have to be a bit miffed when you realize, once leaving the water, you made a complete hash of it and 100 yards either side of where Mr Grumpy paddles out there was a better variation on pretty damn nice.

Whatever the result it was fun if a little inconsistent, but given the clear lack of crowds and great conditions only thing that could really have spoiled it would be if one of the local Great Whites had decided to cruise the lineup.

Fat lazy old buggers were probably a couple of headlands away feeding on seals.

Pics today are the few from the Woolamai car park and two more T's, little fishy guy and a doodle I liked enough to make official.


lawless said...

Ah, Woolamai. Memories of dropping my friends mate off at work before dawn and driving his old Commodore out to Phillip Island for a solo surf, then picking up some veggie pasties (I need to import those things, I'd make a killing) then getting back to my mate's work before he got done to pick him up. Got some really fun days there all by myself. Some cold ass water though for a Florida boy.

Anonymous said...

I like that last T