Sunday, May 24, 2009

Now what the hell am I doing sitting in front of the bloody computer on a Sunday afternoon?

Well, Victoria is a place of extremes, and today it is flatter than last weeks bubbly, which is a bit of a bummer as we have cause to celebrate.

On waking this morning I was greeted by an email..

Back two steps..

On being woken this morning by Richie leaving a message saying he can't be bothered today as it's... (the bit about flat above), I checked the emails on the Mac and there before me was one from our agent en France, Franck Bywalski of X-treme Video
informing me Musica Surfica had won Best Picture at the International Surf Film Festival in St Jean de Luz, and had also won Best Surfer (Derek Hynd) as well as Best Soundtrack.

So instead of going surfing I whipped in to the office to rejig the rejig of our cover getting ready for the next print run of the DVD/CD pack.

And to top if off and make it a bit more tasty too, we have a special sneak preview from Jack McCoys upcoming opus.

The pics, then, today, are the lineup of winners at the presentation last night in France, with Franck just left of centre holding a whopping big Trophy, and the new cover, festooned with wreaths.

To all involved in making it, thanks my friends, and if you haven't bought a copy yet, now there's even more incentive.

Now where's that bubbly?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations Mick. now where's the next movie?

PS: have you seen Samson and Delilah yet? It's fabulous

Jamie Watson said...

Look at all those awards! So awesome. The cover looks good. Hope the flat spell disappears soon.

NiegĂ  said...

Congrats Mick. Well done!!! I hapenned to go to St Jean de Luz to watch one of the movies but I couldn't stay for the awards!!

Well done!!!


lawless said...

Stoked for you and your film. Cool that this month in the US both Surfer & Surfing mags ran blurbs about Musica Surfica. Surfer being a half-page diddy and -ing being a short review. Both in praise of the work though.

Hopefully this means you can get your house back soon :D

Fun little run of waves for us here in Florida lately, but summer flatness is just around the corner.

Eef said...

Congrats Mick!

hardly any space for the surfer on the cover anymore :D


Nathan Oldfield said...

congratulations mate! you deserve a beer!

Toddy said...

Congrats Mick. Another deserved accolade.

Lee said...

nice mate rockin the bling!!

Fab said...

you must be stoked, but when will it stop?
Check mini simmons religion...following Casper closely.

Dave said...

Mick, Stubbeled onto your blog thanks to your recent update about Tom. I am so far behind in the whats-up I will sit back, read and enjoy. Aloha Dave