Monday, May 11, 2009

Last week I received a group email from Derek Reilly, editor of Stab Magazine, informing all and sundry of a new website venture he's embarked on with his California pal Charlie Smith.

It's called LikeBitchen and indeed it is. I fell about laughing on my first read but it is inflammatory, self deprecating and disgusting in no particular order, and has an air of genius about it.

Expect to be horrified.

On the surf front, a desperate run on Mother's Day afternoon, after Sue packed off to work, poor thing, and I was left with one son left asleep and the other disappearing for a skate. Nothing to do... go surfing! Seemed like a fair thing to me and even though it was onshore and apparently a near waste of time I had a feeling it wouldn't be.

I gave Richie a call and he laughed at me.

It's crap.

Doesn't matter I'm going anyway.

OK. Pick me up.

Weak bastard. Wave a wave at him and he's anybody's.

But aren't we all?

And it wasn't that crap after all.


6ftnperfect said...

lately we would pay cash for waves like that!

reverb said...

...hey Mick you re scoring good waves!
next days here, will be large surf for several days, but colder conditions