Thursday, April 02, 2009

While wandering in to our weekend secret spot splash last Sunday my photographer mate Rod couldn't resist snapping a few.

He has a lovely eye, as opposed to lovely eyes, though his ears aren't bad.

The shots: a stop on the walk in, with Benji, Mark and I resplendent in my One Good Shirt, I even think the undies were clean, getting ready to head out with Hazel looking on with a certain amount of disgust as I think I'd just dropped the towel, Marky post surf, getting all foetal with the cliff face... and the view on the walk out.

The last shot is between sets... not giving a good idea of what it was like... apart from beautiful, pink and glassy.

Marks craggy old head kinda fits the cliff shot... gives new meaning to Earthmother doesn't it?

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nm said...

lovely.....all of them.