Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This past few days has been surfless, for me at least, as Sue and I headed to Sydney. Using a good friend's largess for accommodation and Frequent Flyer Points earned over years burning the credit card, we flew up to attend an extra special Australian Chamber Orchestra concert, which it was, and catch up with old pal Paul (the friend) who is about to leave Australia forever and head to north western Spain, where he intends to buy a ruined hacienda, fix it up and paint.

Half his luck.

This Seachange thing could be catching. Strange, wonderful things seem to happen to people who give themselves the time to have the time, time to ponder and act as opposed to wait in hope something will happen to drag them out of the morass, real or imagined, they seem to be in.

A case in point, and in this case I think his morass was more metaphoric than around his knees, is Tim Kevan.

Tim is a Barrister Come Author- and a surfer to boot.

For some time he has run the Barrister Blog, and another undercover as BabyBarista, a fictitious SerialBlog about the trials and tribulations of a learner-lawyer-in-chambers. It's attracted a huge following, having just been picked up by Times-On-Line, and to top it off is about to be published by Bloomsbury, the publishers of Harry Potter no less. I wish Tim one hundredth the luck of JK Rawlings. That's all he'll need to be a happy legal surf rat for the rest of his life.

The fact that he just moved to the coast himself means even if the money doesn't arrive he already has fresh air and a far horizon.

It just goes to show what happens when you start tapping those keys.

I hear the phone. I think it's my publisher, Bloomersbury.

Shot for the day?


I suppose it best be Tim's Book cover, plus a treat from my files... a shot I took a loooooooooong time ago.


The Barrister Blog said...

Thanks for the mention Mick. You're right about the intangible benefits of stepping aside from the day to day and giving yourself a little bit of space. No better way of doing that either than by living by the sea and going surfing. All the very best from the other side of the world. Cheers, Tim

nursemyra said...

you and sue came to sydney and you didn't see the nurse? shame on you :-(