Monday, April 20, 2009

A few days since the last visit to the old blog.. had a post Easter Easter break when Sue actually had a day off, so we hoofed it down on Thursday to visit pals Rod and Hazel on the coast... again for me but poor old Sue hadn't managed a break to the coast in months, so a gossip catch up for her, and I got a couple of splashes.

The post Easter hordes still about, which naturally I contributed to, though the waves were quite delicious if not for the odd local lad who does not have the word share in their lexicon.

"I can't wait for these idiots to piss off" quoted one old wag in the water, to no one in particular, which really meant to every one in the water that wasn't his best mate.. No threat to the advancement of English likely from his neighborhood, and a tight little crew of local boys at a fun beachie did their level best to block out or drop in on every attempt at a foreigner ridden wave.


I was on Fab's Fish, all twenty odd pounds of it, sussing it out in smaller beachbreak conditions and enjoying the scraps I could gather amidst the hassling. Nice dinner that night though, a few laughs and hope for the morning as the buoys were calling for a swell rise and a light offshore.


Rod and I trooped down to a nearby point break that was reeling off some very fun looking waves and four hours later we got out pretty happy.

The locals again were in a feisty mood, but they were outsmartable... sometimes, so those few waves I caught I was very happy with indeed. This time on the 6'1" Maurice Cole, which fit the clean to glassy, very speedy conditions to a tee. I actually felt like I was a younger me for once so the old quality not quantity adage rang true on a sunny Friday morning.

Next day, little Tom had the Australian Rolling Titles on for his skating (blades) so I dutifully played the old fart in the youthful masses as he battled his way through the comp.

Happily the relentless devil ended up Australian U/16 Champion. He also made the top 15 in the Open Mens and probably would have made at least top 10 if he hadn't stacked big time. A lot of dislocated limbs, blood and bodies dragged away. I've got to say they throw their bodies on the line these boys, though Toms injuries were, this time, more of the pain and aggravation of old wounds variety than new carnage.

He's just turned 14 so good effort Tommy. We're very proud of you. Indeed, any one out there who makes a fruitboot comment please remember he rips on a skateboard too... having first dropped into a 14ft vert ramp when he was 8.

God I wish we lived closer to the coast. Water is far softer.

Now make your bed and do your homework.

Pics, the waves on Friday, and a couple of snaps of Tommy, bless his black little heart.


clayfin said...

those waves are OK, I prefer the 5 inchers we have today though....

Congrats Tommy!

* TONYA * said...

Congrats Tom.

Miss you all. Mwah.