Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today I'm off to do the final bout of filming for Musica Surfica.

A very intense few days to follow, and many heavy weeks of editing after that.
Next Saturday, after the shooting, I've been invited to the launch of Tim Baker's book, High Surf.
Richard Tognetti is one of many featured surfers of note, those surfers including Kelly S, Ross Clarke Jones, ethicist Peter Singer, MR, and many more.

It'll be an interesting evening for sure, and they've asked me to show the rough cut of the film. It'll be great to get a response from the luminaries of the life.

The forward is written by Jack Finlay, old salt, raconteur, yachtsman, boxer, and an Australian Surfing Treasure, as his tales of the sea are a delight to read, his presence in the line up always welcome, and you can discover more of Jack in his book The Wind on the Water.

So a pretty culture filled few days coming up. Wish me luck and a new post next Monday.

Oh, the shots are of Jack himself out the back in pretty shitty Bells on Sunday, and said Bells before the wind got to it too much.


Gaz said...

Bells looks loverly! And not super crowded for a Sunday either?

pushingtide said...

You live a charmed life Safe. Your film will make all of our lives a little better.

Go get 'em.

ras said...

very much looking forward to the film Mick.

Gazelle said...

What they all said, Mick.

clayfin said...

It's going to be great - hope you come to the US for a tour with it.

PS - can you get cheap apartments near Bells???

nm said...

Yes! ....a US Tour! Start in Oregon... ;-)