Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Finally, finally, I am finding a rhythm here, where the day begins with the sound of magpies, and the not too distant roar of the ocean.

Perfection you might think, but with the return of the errant son, life deconstruction to ongoing and not so far totally successful reconstruction of a balance of income and living, plus preparing for an intense four months of film making that begins just about now, and you begin to get a picture of "it ain't been all beer and skittles."

That pesky devil wind has continued its march, though there continues to be the odd day delivering some relief with offshores and some swell. These brief windows have been jumped on, and the crowds have been young and hungry. This has done me no favours but nonetheless three or four sessions a week, taking the place of gyms and running unless you want to, well... it doesn't stink.

This evening ended a good day. A potential client made contact, and they belong to a group that you'd be proud to help.

Nearly everything on my list got ticked off, except a couple of bills, but they can wait a little longer.

Beelzebubbles behaved, and the late light had me bolting off with the snapper just to catch a few muckaround moments. With this photogenic wonderland about it is going to be fun when I finally score a good camera and lens.

As ever I'll keep you posted, hopefully with a little more frequency than the last weeks.

Pics: Just round the corner, just about an hour ago.

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Anonymous said...

a new film? Fabulous