Monday, February 27, 2012

It's a funny thing, moving house, especially when you move to a place you've been chasing for two thirds of your life but step into the reality of making a living while attempting to live a dream.

We've dropped anchor four minutes from Bells, and an hour and a half from most of my life's work. Stuff is on the boil and I am now getting into gear for several projects that I have high hopes for. In the mean time the winds have been mostly from the devil direction, with weeks of on-shores, the odd smattering of off, and a little bit of swell.

My errant son has returned home with a carpetbag full of bad habits and an attitude to match, but I am glad to have him with us, bless his barbed wire, cotton socks. Our journey continues.

Totally under inspired to write, mostly from utter shagged-ness, and too much to process as the emotional roller coaster of relocation lurches towards the scariest ride on Magic Mountain.

The highlights of three weeks so far include a high tide body bash with a hand board and small alaia yesterday just a 100 yards from home, and a few individual waves that have had me acting surprised that I did that.

Mostly though it is the intense quiet at night, albeit a quiet punctured at around 4am many mornings as a possum lands on the roof from a nearby tree with all the finesse of a fat burgler. You read it right. Nothing catlike about this creature.

Must be eating  a lot of some neighbour's fruit.

It ain't coming from me.

Pics. A couple of dawns over the past few days, plus our friendly new pets having their morning snack, and a young Chinese lass, visiting Bells, with a clear lifetime companion in Little Pooh Bear, on location. 

I'm pinching myself all this is out the back door.


NiegĂ  said...

Well done! Mick look fwd to visit you again!


reverb said...

now more local than ever to a world class beach.

I have in a situation here that the parcels (lots) have been rising and rising forever so you never have enough money to buy one to build something.

EditorialBoard said...

Write, damn it.