Monday, February 13, 2012

Well it's been quite a while since the last post, for a variety of reasons, but one great big one in particular.

We moved house.

A long time coming, and driven mostly by circumstances financial and unwanted, but the up side is it has forced our hands and moved us to the coast. It is a big punt, income sources become just that little more classed in the maybe department, but I... we, have to say it is much quieter at night. 

I expect when there is a swell that might not be the case, as, as the crow flies we are about 200 metres if you're lucky from the mighty Southern Ocean, and exactly four minutes by car from the Bell's car park.

Yes, I timed it. And I can run there in fifteen...(ish)

Fortuitously we have moved in in a two weeks of onshores run, which has been good as there have been no distractions from the traumas of home making. Needless to say I will have my ear out for the boom of the next swell and look forward to getting more surf fit that I've been for many a long year, and working hard to make my sun damaged skin even more so.

Outside of this I've been developing a project that hopefully will give birth to more in a similar vein. I had the pleasure, a few weeks back, of interviewing a great man named Sir Gustav Nossal, and later bending an hour and a half conversation on a life devoted to fundamental discoveries in immunology, into four and a half minutes.

My aim was to get to the heart of a man who manages to blend humility with a vast and potent intellect. The piece has now gone up on The Conversation, a new forum for, as they describe it, scientific rigour with journalistic flair.  It is well worth exploring. 

As for my chances for getting more of these off the ground, I could do with a few positive responses. First cab's off the rank have been great, but the more, and the more international, the merrier.

I rarely ask for help, but please hop on line and say how much you like it. 

But only if you do.

Pics: Sir Gus, and my new home break... (not that you haven't seen it before)..

In Conversation with Gus Nossal from conversationEDU on Vimeo.

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Alan_M said...

Congratulations on the stellar move! Now, when I show up on your doorstep with sleeping bag in hand, can I sleep on your lawn?