Monday, January 09, 2012

Today, after missing out on a few very good days at the beach as we begin house hunting on the coast, and as I'd worked the entire weekend sitting editing another 'project' I snuck down for a quick surf in anticipation of the swell leaping skywards and me getting a bit of "wheeeee!!!" time.

Everyone else had the same idea.

And a contest was on at Bells.

So, after sitting watching far, far better surfers than me doing their thirty years younger thing I slipped out to join the 60 odd other guys in the line up at fun but inconsistent Winki. I did say to myself if I come away with one good wave I'll have done alright so equanimity was the face I wore and it was a surprisingly fun session.

A few friends littered the pack. Having a chat and a lot of patience meant, despite the crowd, no one was really stressed.

Have a chat. Catch a wave. Talk some more.

The way it should be.

The pic. One of the occasional sets, keeping the boys and girls honest.


Rebecca Olive said...

Funny! We wrote practically the same post today (mine was back-dated for effect though). Ha!

Lineups and surfing, huh.

Parallel Universe said...

It does always work (patience, a wee yarn, giving away a few waves). And the rewards looked fine - lucky man.
Happy house hunting.
Btw, have you taken that 6'10 MC on its maiden voyage yet?