Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The year is done and gone, I can't remember one I've been more glad to be rid of, as it was full of heartache and pain.

The world has pitched and yawed, and so has mine, with Dear Old Dad leaving us, and my darling kids going through more than the share normally expected of the transition years. Thankfully the problems are not to do with health or accident, just an exaggerated version of the trials that come with sticking your nose up against the world, or your Mum and Dad, and saying, "Go on, have a go!'.


To all of you out there I hope this coming year is kind or kinder. Happy New Year.

My surfing entry to it wasn't half bad, with a solid onshore session at largish Bells last week, and some pretty tasty lefts on the weekend.

Punctuating this was a call from Tyler Breuer from Smashsurf, wanting to do an interview with me on my life after Musica Surfica. Here it is. You might like to know what's up next.

My pics for the day are the two surfs above. The onshore Bell's was before it kicked to double the size and became really great fun as there were only four or five out.


EditorialBoard said...

Happy new year Mick. As always, we appreciate from afar. Here's to the bright future.

Robin Thomson said...

Yeh mate I agree it has been a shit of a year. Mine hasn't contained the grief that yours has but it has still been one to forget in many ways!

Jimmy said...

I really enjoyed your interview on Smashsurf.

It seems like we are on the opposite ends of stick (I'm juggling my options, one of which is becoming a copywriter at an advertising agency) but share a few of the same loves (beauty, art, writing and photography in surfing)

Looking forward to following your blog more closely.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2012 Mick xx