Thursday, March 17, 2011

With all the tragedy happening around us, I reserved posting on a very fun weekend of taking a break from reality to join a wooden board building workshop run by Rich Blundell from Tree to Sea, at the home of local wooden board builder and host Rob Ivers.

Two long days and a very steep learning curve left a happy group of young and old with deep satisfaction, new knowledge, and a fair way down the track to a welcome ride of the wooden variety.

Rich is a gifted and patient teacher, an extremely bright fellow with a lean to the cognitive left. A fascinating conversation sits skin deep, all day long.

I chose to make a longish fish, known as the Striper, and look forward to finishing and taking it for a sweep on a long wall. I have no doubt it will run true.

The following day a glassy four foot@fifteen second swell graced Bells with occasional lovely lines, and I scored just enough to make me a happy chappy. Back to a real world to more of the same crap, the bliss departing just about as fast as it came.

The Pics: In progress, with some Old Coot, Paul, Rich, Wazza, Rob and Angus, ready to start fine tuning curves, bottoms, and rails. And Bells, rare and glassy.


Ramsnake said...

Good job Mick. The idea of riding a wooden board is very appealing. Looking forward to hearing the first ride review!

David said...

Nice looking board. Post more pics once you get it finished and can't wait to hear a ride report on it from Bells and surrounding beaches.

Ted said...

looking good!