Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm due for a blog post but in truth, like many, I've been in shock over the recent events in Japan.

Being exposed to the End of Days images saturating the media, the disaster flick retina burning intensity is something all of us may have sought out at the movies at one time or another without ever contemplating seeing it come to life on screen or in your own reality. When the first images hit my eyes I audibly gasped, a twin towers moment without someone to blame.

I've heard said that our lives are brief sparks of awareness sandwiched between eternities of oblivion. Neither a happy nor unhappy thought. More an is, a call to be your best, to do, to give, to leave something that causes your spark to be remembered and treasured for some moments beyond its passing.

Last week in the fireworks display of life a precious burst winked out in an instant. Around the world others faded in a more regular daily pattern, but in stoic Japan, in those long black moments, the whole planet bucked and caused us all to face a gargantuan reminder of our fragile grip on existence.

As if it where ever not.

The Pic: One of my two beloved sparks, taken by one of his mates. I love ya Tommy. Shine bright.


Dave Surfs said...

I don't watch to much telle but I too watched in awe it seems we forget that we are linked to our world and each other in ways so subtle that it is hard to comprehend and yet we all feel the wrench of such events.

Surfsister said...

I've been reflecting on the events in Japan . . . and Bali . . . and in Louisiana as a result of Hurricane Katrina. I came away with yet a deeper respect for the ocean and its power to change life on this planet in a matter of minutes.

I am deeply saddened by the suffering humans must endure as a result of natural disasters. I'm really hurting for Japan right now. I don't pray (because I'm not at all religious), but I'm sending out as much good karma and love to them as I can.

Stay as wonderful as you are, Mick!