Monday, August 02, 2010

Yesterday I was all packed up and ready to go, anticipating a swell that was supposedly ahead of a threatening storm front. Alas it bamboozled the best of us, and me as well, with little action to warrant the drive or, as they progressed, the miserable conditions.

So, instead, I had number two son, Beezlebubbles himself, hanging at a loose end long enough for a yarn and a chance to add to my family snap collection. Mucking about with the apps in the iphone is great fun, technology allowing almost a dark room in there if you work it hard enough.

Below is the butter wouldn't melt in his mouth Sunday afternoon incarnation of mischief, before he excused himself to do some.

As an accompaniment, a view of the shed interior, and a moribund painting of Joey I really need to finish.

I must say though, I do miss a real camera.

STOP PRESS: And this, at bottom, from Ed Sloane. It's why I love Vicco.

Les apr├Ęs-midi (the afternoons) from Sloane Photos on Vimeo.


Fab said...

good find Mick.
Makes you feel good to be living in Vicco.

Mick Bakos said...

Mickey, that is a spectacular portrait of Tom. Nice one.
I'm going to be organising an iPhone photo exhibition... make sure you remember to submit that when I send out the email!
See ya soon

Mick Bakos said...
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