Thursday, August 05, 2010

Last February while on a flight to Western Australia I was lucky enough to have a window seat in the daytime, glorying in the view granted by a three thousand mile cloudless day.

Over the southwest, where the wheat fields give way abruptly to the wilds of the interior, a madman's chequerboard, or perhaps his dining table, stretched out below.

I'd love to drive the area one day, to see what I was seeing.

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reverb said...

...hello Mick, longtime without passing by here

These picts are really cool.

-Reading previous post about N C and the small concaved boards
plus a guy that came to the wshop and talked about a Brazilian board with tons of concave and the good way he can rely on the rails in that board, makes me want to know a bit more about those exagerated concaves in small boards
may be check some picts

-Normally us shapers, have a tendency not to put gobs of concave due to inconsistent waves, some tracking, etc
and a fact that is not least: surfers with 1 or 2 boards
that is very different to have specific boards in a quiver...

hope makes sense