Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sometimes you find little gems when they are least expected.

This past week and a half has seen Victoria's devil winds, the dreaded south easter which, when coupled with bugger all swell, means we are in for lean times. Any swell is short period slop, but if you know where to look and get lucky with the God of Sand Banks, wonderful things can happen.

Last Saturday night, I was tired and couldn't really be stuffed with the idea of dragging myself the hour and half to the most likely prospect of anything, but left a message with Rich to say... if you can be bothered, I'll tag along.

Needless to say he was bothered, so at 6.30 we blearily made our way down an already sunlit highway.

We found the spot below, in the lee of a big headland, with two perfect banks and as pretty a right and left as you're ever likely to see. Shoulder high at best, but steep and punchy enough to let Mr Porky and his pal into more than a few fun runners.

It just goes to show.

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Ramsnake said...

We are afflicted by those dreaded South Easterlies over here on the south coast of WA too!