Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another week flies by and a good one at that.

Up to Sydney (see view from plane) for some film related stuff, met with Foxtel, everyone happy, and also picked up some more music tracks... so good, but don't expect a geeetarr anywhere.

The film will launch in late January here, God knows for the rest of the world, but it's looking good and rest assured all those who've asked, we will fit in that wave if we possibly can.

Today's shots are from this mornings surf at Gunnamatta... hell rips, but great banks. I hate rip bowls, always have as I love to sit and think. Rip bowls, all you do is paddle, it was busy, but I did end up moving down the beach and the bottom shot is where I got my best waves. Unfortunately the tide was running out and the wind blowing a gale so it quickly got too low. I suspect later in the day the wind will drop away and as the tide heads back in those remaining hardy souls should score.

Oh, having finally ridden the MC on a left... it goes good, really good, when my pathetic old frame (seen in silhouette on walk back) behaves itself.


Anonymous said...

"Gunnamatta"...are you kids drunk when you name your spots? :)
Glad to see you got some, we have 55 knots of wind and 25' seas on top of a 5' west swell..if you think that means anything, not so much. nasty out.
Thanks for sharing.

Beach Bum said...

Love that bottom shot - let me rephrase that - that shot of your shadow, sand and board.

burnsie said...

G'day mate, found you blog following a Derek Hynd thread on Swaylocks. I used to live in St Kilda in 86 (male st I think) Is it still the same ratbag neighbourhood, or is it gone upmarket now. Met some interesting people there Artists (Doug Stubbs) Actors, drug addicts etc and the occasional blue ringed octopus!