Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's all moving quickly now.

Yesterday, a visit to Sydney to finalise filming arrangements.

Walking into the offices of the Australian Chamber Orchestra is the last place you'd expect to see boards piling up, but that was what greeted me.

A 9'8'' 'thing' - an 'homage to BK' as Derek called it, lay along the floor.
Out the back, in Richard Tognetti's boot, was his 5'4 is finless experiment.

In his office, 'the violin'.

I snapped a pic...sorry, but I shook.

The instrument is
a 1743 Guarneri del Gesù, the twin to the Cannon Guarneri owned by Pagannini. It's worth $10,000,000 Australian. Possibly the most valuable instrument in the world still being played.

This is a surf trip like no other. I hope the swell hangs in.

PS: DH is picking up boards this afternoon in Torquay. I may have another post before I go. Otherwise, I'll try and find an internet cafe down there.


Jgirl said...

You have to be one of the most interesting men Ive never met! I cant imagine the conversations we could have.

That is an amazing instrument, wish I could have been in such a presence.

Safe trip dollbaby.

clayfin said...

OK, you can't post a pic of a board with rails like that and not elaborate!

Patch said...

Good luck Maestro!

pushingtide said...

Holy crap. Insane.

Hope you find a hookup down there and better yet, WAVES!

Chum said...

Amazing instrument!
(and the violin isn't bad either.)

Best of luck on the film!

nmm said...

keeping the masses intrigued...

seamouse said...

Wow, That board looks insane! I can't wait to hear about the trip, I got a feeling it's going to blow my tiny little mind.

Doc said...

Can't seem to post comments on your latest post re: finless session...sounds, music, friends.