Saturday, April 28, 2007


Some of you may remember an entry of a month or so ago about my friend Louise.

This afternoon I got the call I didn't expect to hear for a few months yet.

She left us last night.

I last spoke to her on Wednesday. She was chirpy, looking forward to getting home on the weekend as things seemed to improving after in and out of hospital over the last few weeks. All a waiting game but there seemed to be a little hope that she may just have enough time to finish her book.

Her biggest worry, though, was leaving that "funny little bloke" and "her babies"..

"They're just babies Mickey, how can I leave them?"

Cara and Mimi have recently graduated as Bachelors of Music, Cara in violin, Mimi in jazz singing... you should hear them both.

Bruce is funny, he's not little and a bigger hearted, gentler man you'll never find.

They'll be fine Louie, in the long run. But that Louise place in their hearts and ours will never be taken by anyone else.



ras said...

Beautiful words.

Anonymous said...

Man. Sorry Mick.

Remember the good times. Push

nmm said...

Love and tears...

For those of us that are tainted by cancer personally....Thank You...for sharing Louise.

clayfin said...

Mick, so sorry to hear this. Thinking good thoughts for all of you. Take care.

phil said...

so sorry to hear of this transition.

much luv i send to you...

Patch said...

So sorry to hear that Mick.
Un fuerte abrazo.

reverb said... wishes to you, fella