Monday, April 23, 2007


Yesterday a young chap posted a comment on Safe to Sea. He has a blog called Pinniped, goes by the name SeaMouse.... and it seems, he's based in England, which means he's pretty hard core, dedicated and can stand the cold.

He is also a pretty shit hot designer/illustrator if you ask me. (Not that anyone has)

Please have a look. It will be interesting to see Pinniped evolve.

On another subject, the finless and alternativley finned boards are in construction, so there will be some shots to show in a week or two. I don't know about you but I can't wait. Maurice is also quite happy for me to post some more shots of boards so next time I'm down I'll try and get some of his tow boards...I'm sure they'll be of interest.

And no, I didn't get a surf this weekend as I took my (newly) 15 year old Joey off to a school camp. Gone for two months and on top of it all I blabbed to his teacher about how good I thought his blog (Spurred-Dreams) was, then came home and realized he'd used a bit of 'language' in his last post.

D'oh. And not a wave in sight.

He'll kill me, and he's big enough to as well.


seamouse said...

Mick, Thanks for your kind words and picking up on my terrible spelling (the reason I stick to the drawing).
Its early days for pinniped but I'm stoked that you liked what you saw.
Karma is bringing good waves your way for sure.

ras said...

Checked out Pinniped and had to link him. I can relate to cold. Water is still 0.8 Celsius round here.

Mick, I interviewed Tom Wegener a while ago for a site called He talked a lot about the Alaia boards. Check it out at

Really looking forward to seeing the photos of your finless board.

clayfin said...

Pinniped site very nice, thanks for the tip. Fins are in the box, just need to post.

nmm said...

Thanks for the heads up Mr. Mick. Good stuff...

Gazelle said...

Thanks Mick for visiting my blog and leaving nice words behind. It's wild you're on the other side of the world - technology can be pretty cool!

Gaz said...

Will Mo allow you to reveal the secret behind the "magic" 6'9"? Looking forward to finless updates.....cheers.

Patch said...


Is possible to get your email?


pushingtide said...

Safe, thanks for the link but it was forbidden? on my end. Sucks.

Yes, after the great round of SW's we 've been having some sweeet NW's so late in the season. Nothing is right but everything is right!

Agree on the Pinniped site. And continued good vibes on your project.