Friday, April 13, 2007

In my last post I wrote about a day down the beach with my son, Joey.

A great day. We spend precious little time together as he pounds towards manhood through the swamp of, as of tomorrow, fifteen-hood. Parties, friends, girls (as you can imagine) and school of course. They all take him away from wanting to hang with Dad. Except when surfing is on the agenda.

The great thing about him is he'll still let me hold his hand as we drive home.

Although if a truckie drives past the other way he pulls it away quick smart.

I arrived home from work today, and Joe announces...

Dad, I've made a blog.

What, not another MySpace?

No Dad a real one, like you do.

So you use real words, and don't go lol or g2go, or cyaz?

Yeeess Dad, reeeal words. (sigh).

I've even written about our surf last week.

Allow me to introduce you to
Spurred Dreams. I think our little (6'2'' 78K) boy is growing up. (Well sort of)

Happy Birthday darling. Mum and I love you, even as you drive us mad. And I can't wait 'till our next surf together.
I'll see what else I can think up to frighten the life out of you.

(Read Moments Destroyed in Joe's blog)

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nmm said...

Precious. (Thanks for making this mom tear up.)

I hope the v-man still lets me hold his hand at 15ish....