Sunday, February 18, 2007

Whipped down for a quick session today, just got back.

Good waves, apparently better yesterday, and a red hot left at Woolamai, amongst a myriad of good banks. Paddled out to a mellow 3 or four guys then 'THE LOCALS" hit, talking it up, complaining about the kooks, and then doing the shut everyone out and share waves routine.

After about an hour of this I gave it a miss, paddled over to the less than perfect right across the channel, and had a very pleasant couple of hours as the wave got much better, with a crew that knew how to smile.

The shots are later, the left has one last stalwart on it as the wind swung cross shore, and I couldn't be bothered sweltering (it's 38C. about 104F) waiting to get a shot of the right. The right shown was another, straight out the from of the carpark. It wasn't bad either.

There's a swell on the way.


Patch said...

What a fun peak!

nmm said...

Wow.....very nice.

Anonymous said...

Oh man!