Monday, February 12, 2007

Art again. The surf was crap on the weekend and St Kilda was in gridlock.

Once a year the St Kilda Festival is on, and 400,000 people (I kid you not) descend on my suburb. Arts, music, fairs, buskers and and a truckload of people. Batten down the hatches and don't attempt to drive anywhere.

Thus no waves, even if there were.

So here's a little bit of a sketch I did, up at Angourie (Nat Young land) done sitting on Spookies beach a couple of years back.

Sue's hat is in the foreground, and I show you only this fragment, because it's the bit I most like.

Following it is a scribble in charcoal and chalk of Tom jumping on the beach, drawn from a shot taken on the same day. It's a bit scrappy (hate his foot) but in spirit it is Tom.

Maybe next entry I'll tell the Miki Dora story.

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Alan_M said...

Both I think are really very good. I get a positive vibe rom both images, especially the Tom portrait. Nice work.