Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The kids wanted to go surfing last weekend... after the South Coast holiday they were all gee'd up to hit it more often. Come the day however, and Joey, my 14 year old, pulls out because he's too tired from rowing all day Saturday..(new school, he's taken rowing as a sport and it's his first week.. I couldn't argue, he looked stuffed).
So it's me and little Tom (11, almost 12) and down to the Island we go.

Woolamai is good, but very busy, and the sets are pushing 6'+, and looks a lot of hard work for the little fella. He's into it, but I'm erring on the side of caution.

Let's go 'round to Flynn's mate.

But Dad it won't be big enough..

Trust me.

We get there and are greeted by this.

A very nice 2-3', some slightly bigger sets and 3 guys out.
You beauty, says Tom as he high fives me and runs back to get his... Boogie board.

Now this is a great source of frustration to me as on a skateboard he has a wonderful, loose surf style. People asks if he surfs.

Thank Dog Town and the Z-Boys for putting a little art into his heart.

He's ok on a surfboard, but falls back on the booger for comfort and wave count. Again, I can't argue, and at least the time in the drink adds to his water craft. Until then, I think it's still great to look across to a son or two in the line-up.

As it worked out, the crowd hit almost as soon as we paddled out, they were ugly, and froze Tom out, then the wind picked up, so we bailed and he went for a skate when we got home.

Until next time.


nmm said...

Well well Mr. Mick. You peeked at mine. So now I'm peeking at yours...

Nice work.

Oh....and....I'll be back.


Anonymous said...

When the crowd shows at a right point, and your little guy needs a wave, just sit inside of him and start paddling LEFT! :D