Saturday, March 16, 2013

Some good waves around today. 

I just got out of the water from some absolutely cracking Bells. Both it and Winki busy but very consistent and some fun ones coming through. For some reason I was catching a few too, despite being on just a six two... somethings gotta give soon I suppose but I am not complaining. My last wave was a best ever, a bomb from way out back through to the Button. Full width of the Bells bay. Plus some. Never happens. Still don't believe it.

The other good thing that happened recently was just before the Reef Tour I received a call from Surfing Australia inviting me to attend the Surfing Australia 50th Anniversary Hall of Fame Ball up in Sydney. We'd been nominated for an award for the Reef so up I went, fortuitously in a way as the next day the Reef rehearsals were to begin.

Anyway but blow me down and we won the Hall of Fame Surf Culture Award for 2013. So stoked given two that one of the other nominees was the Gra Murdochs wonderful White Horses project. I'd have loved a draw.

The other great thing was catching up with some old friends and making some briefly new ones. Had a chat with MR, Parko, Simon Anderson, Bob McTavish, Tommy and Nick Carrol, and  Nat Young, who is an old mate so it was old home week there.

Plus Cheyne Horan who still looks as fit as a flea and is a really lovely guy.

The highlight though was seeing Westerly Windina (formerly Peter Drouyn) who looked amazing, has had 'the op' and to see the love and acceptance in that room on the night was very, very special.

Nat giving his old contest rival and 'new best girlfriend" a hug and kiss on stage says it all. Just great.

Pics today.

Bells and Winki, our trophy and my iphone snap of Westerly, with Steph as she was inducted in to the Hall of Fame.

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Pats on the back all around Mick, attaboy. Nice work mate.