Saturday, March 09, 2013

Finally some decent waves. It's been a long flukey summer down here, the water warm as toast and the waves on the Torquay coast pretty damn miserable. The beaches to the east and west have been firing, the boys and girls there with smiles wide and cheery. 

Alas, not so for us, until today.

Today it is firing, the swell being caressed by a schizoid wind that refuses to settle into one direction, though it has remained light and, if anything, has served to make the waves 'interesting' in a good way.

Some nice sets amongst it too, with a bit of power to boot. Naturally the weekend has brought the crowds but you can't begrudge a wave can you? The general demeanour in the water has been controlled. A fair bit of dropping in going on but tempers remain calm. For me... I'm sitting out the heat of the day to give it another hit in an hour or two, get some more crumbs thrown to the side for coots like me, and with luck I'll get a couple of hooters, just like this morning.

As for the rest of the news over the past month, well that's why the blog has gone begging.

We toured the East Coast of Australia with the Reef, sell out crowds everywhere and all bar one performance went seamlessly. Great receptions universally and kudos to all involved. It has been an epic run. 

Now for the test of time.

Next week it is off to Hong Kong, and with luck, the world will get to see it over the next year or two.

Shots for today: Winki this morning, and me giving a pre concert talk at the Sydney Opera House. 
Who'd have believed? And it was my birthday last week too. 59. Now that I simply cannot believe.

As the old saying goes.. Life sneaks up on you like a windscreen on a bug.

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